Teaching Making

Experiments in Art and Education

February 16, 2012
by Professora de Arte

Exploring the Figure

Thanks to a couple of supportive staff members Art 1 was able to draw from a model for two class periods. Well actually 3, the first day they each took turns sitting for about 20 minutes as a way to become acquainted with drawing from a model.  The second day a teacher volunteer came for the full class time and the student were able to do a practice contour drawing and begin there long term project.  On the third day when our second volunteer came the students did gesture drawing exercise for half of the class. One of my favorite exercises to do is have the model strike a pose and then have the students take her pose and stay in it for a full minute, scanning their own body, feeling the tensed and relaxed areas, and then they draw the pose. I think the greater understanding you have of your body the better you will understand the body, the better you can draw a body.

The final contour line drawing with water color washes came out pretty swell in the end.

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