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Human Animals


This lesson began with a game.  I found a list of “spirit animals” and traits associated with that animal. I create cards with only the traits listed and a number that corresponded with the numbered list of the animals. I distributed the cards to the students they each got about 6 or 7.  I instructed them to read the cards and choose 1-3 that applied to them and then they gave away the left over ones to the classmates that the cards best applied to.  They were all walking around doing this at the same time so they could not pay attention to who was giving them what trait. Then they looked at their cards again and held back 3 and passed the rest out.  Finally they chose three and one by one told me their cards numbers and I told them what the corresponding animal was.  Reading off the animals was a riot.  A great way to start this lesson

The mask making went faster than I had anticipated so to fill out the lesson I had the students create a back drop so that they could pose in their mask for a photo.  I plan to present the masks at the art show with the photos to accompany them.

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